Check Out Our Latest ISPOR Europe Poster: “Generalizing the Distribution and Dynamics of Health Outcomes in Clinical Trials for Novel Treatment of Rare Disease"

This research developed an innovative new approach to predicting health outcomes from small samples of patients with rare disease.

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EntityRisk Webcast Series Episode 2: 2023 – What a step change in the speed and quality of cost effectiveness analysis will impact

Watch this webcast recording featuring award-winning health economist Darius Lakdawalla and data scientist Devin Incerti as they break down the latest developments from JPM 2023 and what they mean for commercial value, cost effectiveness and investment in a challenging year.

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EntityRisk Webcast Series Episode 1: 2023 – How to determine commercial value in a downturn

How can you predict how payers around the world will value new therapies when caution remains the dominant theme of 2023? Darius Lakdawalla and EntityRisk CEO Neal Masia answer that question in this recent webcast. They also discuss the news from JPM 2023 and review formulas for success in a prolonged downturn.

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White Paper: Meeting the Analytic Challenges of Value-Based Agreements in Life Sciences

Uncertainty about the real-world effectiveness and value of a new product or a new indication can hinder market access, especially for products with no real-world data available or relatively small clinical trials  Value-based agreements (VBA) can help reassure payers in these circumstances and ensure that manufacturers earn an appropriate return in the event the product works as they expect it to.

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