EntityRisk enables financial innovation in healthcare by addressing the full spectrum of drug pricing and access challenges related to uncertainty in real-world effectiveness, utilization, and value.

Estimate Supportable Prices for Innovators

  • Predict real-world effectiveness and the defensible range of prices that results using GRACE (Generalized Risk-Adjusted Cost-Effectiveness) and other HTA methods
  • Leverage trial data, real-world data on comparator therapies, and cutting-edge value assessment methods
  • Combine RCT and RWD to predict distribution of real-world effectiveness at payer level, along with risks of over- or underpricing
Predict the Commercial Value for Investors and Biopharmaceutical Companies
  • Assess commercial value using standardized approach and methods, including a justifiable price, expected market size and competitor intelligence
  • Calculate the adjustments in value for pipelines assets due to real-world differences in patient characteristics, duration of therapy, compliance, and physician oversight
  • Analyze the impacts of current and future competitors on a product’s value projections
Optimize Trial Design and Evidence Development
  • Quantify the value of alternative evidence-development strategies
  • Design and prioritize evidence generation decisions and RWE plans
  • Calculate financial metrics associated with alternative trial design and evidence generation strategies
Design and Implement Value-Based Contracts
  • Identify possible value-based contract endpoints and trigger points
  • Model how alternative contract design(s) impact likely upside and downside for profit, revenue, cash flow
  • Identify operational challenges and recommend optimal contracts
  • Design optimal contracts that incorporate trade-offs among pricing strategies, risk, and market access

Why Work with EntityRisk?

Methods & Capabilities

Our models identify risk characteristics and correlations across therapeutics to strengthen product “value” messaging and enable innovative efficacy-linked contracts and financial instruments.

We are building a proprietary algorithmic platform to better estimate individual benefits of treatment — through advanced modeling techniques and integrated clinical trial, genomic, and real-world data.

The Core Team

EntityRisk is a world-class team of economists, data scientists,  software engineers, market access, finance professionals, and cutting-edge academic experts.


EntityRisk’s primary focus is supporting biopharmaceutical companies’ ability to assess, develop and manage outcomes-based contracts.

Network of Academic Experts

EntityRisk has the ability to tap into a network of leading academic experts to ensure top notch talent is matched with specific projects.

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