Managing Uncertainty in Healthcare

We help innovators and payers quantify and optimize risk-sharing to improve market access.

What We Do

We predict and prove the value of new medicines.

Estimate Supportable Prices for Innovators

Identify and demonstrate the value and effectiveness of treatments in the real world to support pricing strategies

Predict the Commercial Value for Investors and Biopharmaceutical Companies

Predict lifetime revenues for late-stage products not yet on the market, leveraging predictions on their effectiveness and marketplace characteristics

Optimize Trial Design and Evidence Development

Calculate financial ROI for alternative trial design and evidence-generation strategies

Design and Implement Value-Based Contracts

Evaluate the financial returns on alternative contract designs and provide supportable methodologies for revenue recognition

About Us

We were founded by three health economists — bringing together decades of academic and industry experience — to unlock financial innovation in the way new medicines are delivered to patients. Our growing, world-class team is composed of economists, data scientists, software engineers, finance professionals, and cutting-edge academic experts.

Managing Risk and Uncertainty

The Challenge: Predicting and Proving the Value of New Medicines is Hard

Pricing, investment, and evidence-generation decisions are often made before real-world evidence exists. Trial data are often too limited to support robust predictions of real-world value.  Innovators and investors must speculate about the real-world value when making investments in research, development, or acquisition.

Our Approach

Our proprietary algorithms combine clinical trial and real-world data to enable life science innovators, payers and clinicians to predict outcomes and build access strategies around the anticipated value, uptake, and durability of new treatments in the real world.

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Meet Us at ISPOR 2023

May 7 – 10, 2023
Boston, MA

Our Head of Data Science, Devin Incerti, PhD is offering a course showing how to use R to develop economic models to perform cost-effectiveness analysis.

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“Generalizing the Distribution and Dynamics of Health Outcomes in Clinical Trials for Novel Treatment of Rare Disease.”

This research developed an innovative new approach to predicting health outcomes from small samples of patients with rare disease.

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Jeffrey B. Kindler and Frank D’Amelio Join EntityRisk’s Board of Directors

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