Know uncertainty

Innovators and investors rely on EntityRisk to rapidly and accurately estimate the real-world value of new technologies and the risks surrounding them.

Our platform identifies opportunities and quantifies risks to help firms optimize pricing decisions, advance market access, improve evidence-generation investments, and correctly assess commercial value.

Why EntityRisk

What is the value of a new medical treatment? How will it work in the real world, on real patients? How will it compare to alternative emerging treatments? Uncertainty is inherent in life sciences innovation. EntityRisk develops cutting edge software that scales up our decades of leadership and expertise in quantifying uncertainty – and value – in healthcare.

Our PROVEN™ platform predicts, measures and articulates the value of new technologies in the real world, along with the risks to and opportunities for achieving optimal value

Estimate supportable
prices for innovators

Deploy the platform to rapidly identify and demonstrate the real-world value and effectiveness of treatments.

Optimize trial design and evidence development

Calculate the financial return on investment for alternative trial designs and real-world evidence-generation. With PROVEN™, you stay ahead of events and identify new opportunities.

Predict the commercial value for investors and biopharma companies

Use PROVEN™ to predict lifetime revenues for late-stage products not yet on the market. The state-of-the-art platform forecasts real-world effectiveness and marketplace characteristics.

Design and implement value-based contracts

Evaluate the financial returns of alternative contract designs. Do it rapidly and rigorously. And provide supportable methodologies for revenue recognition.

PROVEN(TM) Platform

Build or expand your capacity for accurate, flexible and rapid value calculations through every customized instance of EntityRisk’s PROVEN(TM) Platform. Our platform, backed by decades of research, embeds the collective expertise of a world-class team and scales it on demand.

Tell a consistent story about value.

PROVEN digests and leverages clinical trial data, real-world data, financial data, and published estimates, to produce a single, optimized set of predictions for real-world outcomes and value.

Eliminate blind spots in your value proposition.

PROVEN automates generalized cost-effectiveness analysis, allowing the user to calculate value from multiple perspectives, from the broadest societal perspective to the most focused payer financial perspective.

Quantify risks and opportunities.

PROVEN fits and evaluates state-of-the art Bayesian machine learning models that generate probabilistic predictions, allowing flexible and detailed assessments of upside and downside risk.

Produce credible results quickly.

PROVEN accelerates the development of trusted mathematical disease models for evaluation of medical interventions.

Future-proof your scientific methods.

PROVEN seamlessly integrates cutting edge- scientific methods from a variety of domains, including Bayesian machine learning, generalized cost-effectiveness, and advanced mathematical simulation modeling.

Translate data into practical commercial insight.

PROVEN leverages a microsimulation engine to forecast revenues and cash flows under both traditional and novel outcomes-based or risk-based contracting structures, and under accounting rules tailored to your circumstances.

Leverage software built by a team with world- class scientific, engineering and industry credentials.

PROVEN(TM) Modules

Real-World Performance

RWP gets the most out of very limited data and predicts the full outcomes distribution.

RWP is designed to predict real-world effectiveness based on any available data, including early- or late-phase trial data, prior trials on standard of care, and real-world data on standard of care or therapy of interest.

Jointly leveraging trial data, real-world data, and their correlations mitigates data scarcity Bayesian priors support more stable predictions when dealing with small samples.

Commercial Value Estimation

CVE assesses commercial value using standardized approaches and methods, including a justifiable price, expected market size and competitor intelligence.

Calculate justifiable prices based using a distribution of treatment effects mapped to QALYs and predict expected market size.

Find the potential market size based on the likely range of clinical outcomes for different populations and competitor net prices and competitor incremental effectiveness, launch order, and therapeutic class.

Pricing and Generalized Value

PGV allows innovators to rapidly and rigorously ascertain the full value of technologies. Employers efficiently assess the value of new therapies for specific employee populations.

Deploy value frameworks including traditional cost-effectiveness (CE), generalized risk-adjusted cost-effectiveness (GRACE) and additional generalized cost-effectiveness Analysis (GCEA).
Leverage trial data, real-world data on comparator therapies, and value assessment methods, to predict distribution of real-world effectiveness and value at the individual payer level.

Outcomes Based Contracting
OBC guides contracting and financial management by efficiently assessing how new therapies will perform in the real-world. Combine trial and real-world data and to predict the distribution of real-world effectiveness and project how the product will perform. Inform selection of performance metrics on which to base contracts. Quantify the range of revenue risks with alternative pricing and contracting strategies to ensure adequate reserve provisions. Inform decisions regarding how much and when revenue can be recognized.

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Leverage software built by a team with world- class scientific, engineering and industry credentials.